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The year is 1536 - Henry VIII is in the twenty-seventh year of his reign, and three years into his second marriage. But an unexpected twist of fate will see a sudden change in fortune for all associated with Queen Anne. You will find themselves in the midst of intrigue as they assist the servants of the Brereton household in their efforts to unearth the truth which might save their master’s family.

Hear of disturbing events unfolding at court; encounter desperate monks fleeing from Norton Priory, and decipher the charred fragments of a mysterious letter. One of your students may well be accused of a crime, for which their actual innocence cannot protect them in these unstable times. Current research has established an exciting connection between the Brereton family and the real events that shook the kingdom during the days of Anne Boleyn’s downfall. This programme enables students to engage in practical hands on activities necessary to the running of a Tudor household.


Course details



Tatton Park Old Hall


10.00am – 2.15pm


All Year

Age Recommendation:

Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

Curriculum Links:

History, English, Design Technology, Geography, Art

Session Plan Produced:

17/05/2017, Laura   Armitage (Learning & Visitor Services Manager)

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes

1. To understand the significance of the Tudors in local, national and international history

“Develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history, establishing clear narratives within and across the periods they study” - History

2. To understand the key events and people associated with the Tudor period

“To understand the complexities of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups” - History

3. To compare and contrast life in Tudor England to the present day

“They should note connections, contrasts and trends over time” “Understand historical concepts…similarity, difference and significance…draw contrasts” - History

4. To learn about significant individuals in the Tudor period – namely Henry VIII and his wives, as well as individuals of local significance – namely the Brereton family

“Learn about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements” - History


Group Size:

This programme can accommodate 12-228 children. You will be allocated to a site (either Old Hall or Farm) depending on your group size and our availability.

Please note that groups of 100+ can only be supported from mid June - end of July. For large groups, period music and/or a falconry demonstration can be arranged for an additional charge.


The programme will be mainly held outside (weather depending), so our team make a final decision about specific activities on the morning of the event. However, typical activities include: spinning, wattle & daub, threshing & winnowing and weapons. Don't worry if the weather is poor, we have an indoor programme that is just as exciting and engaging so you won't miss out!

Our advice is to wear sensible shoes, dress warmly and for the weather. Remember - we are a period site without central heating!


Make an enquiry using our Schools Enquiry form or contact us to discuss your requirements at tattoneducation@cheshireeast.gov.uk / 01625 374428.

Risk Assessment:

Information about risk assessments and our health and safety procedures for this workshop.


‘Children had a fabulous day! Very interactive and informative. Made children think deeper and ask great questions.’ (Bowker Vale Primary)

‘Highly, highly recommend it. Great excitement created- the children already want to come back! This trip exceeded our expectations. Many thanks.’ (St Mary’s Catholic Primary)