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Mansion Exhibitions 

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New for 2024 - Maurice 150th Anniversary Exhibitions

Join us in 2024 as we celebrate 150 years of Maurice Egerton, the last owner of Tatton, and his remarkable legacy. A pioneer aviator, intrepid traveller, and a man of great inventive skill.

We are excited to announce two new Mansion exhibitions where you can learn more about Maurice Egerton and get up close to his incredible collection from around the world.

Both exhibitions will run during Mansion opening hours, 27 March - 3 November 2024.



Safari Escapades

This new exhibition delves into life on Safari during the 1920’s-1950’s when Lord Egerton was exploring great swathes of Africa. Maurice’s meticulous travel diaries leave a fascinating insight into where he went, what he saw, who he met and what specimens he collected during his expeditions and why. Lord Egerton’s safari camping kit will be on display for the first time having been donated back to the Tatton Park collection, following its recent conservation by the National Trust Textile Studios.




Life Behind the Lens

Our second exhibition showcases some of the photographs Lord Egerton took during his long life documenting events such as his attendance at the first ever Grand Prix. A prolific photographer from childhood the collection captures a life full of adventure, travelling the world and pursuing interests such as his passion for early aviation, an interest which brought him into contact with the Wright brothers and saw him owning one of the first airplanes when flight was definitely not for the faint-hearted!




Permanent Exhibition Rooms

There are two fascinating permanent exhibition spaces in the Mansion: the Maurice Egerton Exhibition Room and the Steward’s Room, which houses an exhibition on the Servants’ Quarters at Tatton. These are included with your Mansion entry ticket.


Maurice Egertonmaurice-aviation

Maurice Egerton the fourth and last Baron Egerton of Tatton   (1874-1958), lived a truly remarkable life. His wealth and status enabled him to be at the forefront of the ‘modern’ age. As a pioneer aviator with the Wright Brothers, he travelled the globe exploring and collecting artefacts from the vast array of different people, cultures and environments he encountered. With collections from Africa, Asia and the Americas, archive film footage and diary extracts there is a lot to explore.





Servants' Quarters

Summoned by the Bells. Just imagine the smells, the heat, the clatter, and clamour as the Servants’ Quarters thronged with the sound of service. A stillroom maid furiously cracks and beats egg after egg for an intricate dessert, a haunch of venison spits and crackles in front of an open fire, an immaculately dressed footman hurries down the corridor, straightening his waistcoat on his way to serve the evening meal. Visit this exhibition in the mansion and discover the lives of those who toiled to ensure the house ran efficiently. Explore their stories, walk through in their footsteps, and take in the smells and sounds of life ‘below stairs’.