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Tatton Park Charitable Trust

The Tatton Park Charitable Trust was created to develop education and conservation projects for the benefit of the public in and around Tatton Park. The Trust projects provide excellent opportunities for individuals and companies to be part of historic Tatton Park through a variety of small and large projects.


How we came into being

In 2005 the National Trust and Cheshire County Council jointly agreed an initiative to generate extra funds for use at Tatton Park. In a move which raised many thousands of pounds, the Trust and the County Council decided to auction the right of use of the 'M1' vehicle registration mark, one of the most sought-after UK registrations.

'M1' was the first registration in the county of Cheshire, and was later transferred to a 1900 Benz 'Comfortable' owned by the last Lord Egerton of Tatton Park, and has remained with the vehicle ever since.

It was decided that the funds raised would be held in a newly formed charitable trust and used for future conservation, restoration and education work at Tatton. 


Maurice and his Benz

 last Lord Egerton, Maurice in his 1900 Benz 'Comfortable'

One-Off projects

Three or four figure investments in a specific education or conservation project represent an excellent opportunity for small corporate or individual donations to fund a specific project.

Examples include:

Mansion Cellar soundscape (conservation) 
Parkland Bird Hide Installation (education)
American Garden planting (conservation)
Mansion paintings restoration (conservation)

Ongoing projects

Conservation or education work that requires continual investment offers an excellent opportunity for corporate or individual donations that establish a live relationship with Tatton Park and its visitors.

Examples include:

Farm Adoption Scheme (conservation/education)
Assisted school coach scheme for pupils in deprived areas(education)
Improved public access to the Mansion Library (education)
Parkland tree guards (conservation)

Large Scale projects

Substantial investments in prominent schemes offer an opportunity to contribute to a high-profile legacy project.

Examples include:

Knutsford Entrance
Jubilee Gazebo, Charlotte's Garden
Farm 'Field to Fork' development
Mansion Servants' Quarters development



What can you do to help, support or donate?

Please contact Tatton Park for more information about how you can help support our invaluable work.

Email: tatton@cheshireeast.gov.uk Telephone: 01625 374400 

Find out more via our website tattonparktrust.org