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Traditional/Fairy Tales


Course details

Traditional/Fairy Tales


Mansion and/or Gardens


Full or Half Day


Spring - Late Summer

Age Recommendation:

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Curriculum Links:

English, Drama, Citizenship

Session Plan Produced:

27/09/2017, Laura   Armitage (Learning & Visitor Services Manager)

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes

1. To develop/re-inforce an understanding of traditional and fairy tales in an inspirational setting

"Becoming familiar with key stories, fairy stories and traditional tales" - English

2. To consider compare and contrast the key themes, storylines and characters in a variety of traditional and fairy tales

"Becoming very familiar....re-telling them and considering their particular characteristics" - English

3. To witness and be part of the re-telling of a number of traditional and fairy tales to affirm understanding of the narrative and inspire a love of reading

"Roleplay...to identify with and explore characters and to try out the language they have listened to" - English and Drama

4. To retain knowledge of the narrative of a number of traditional and fairy tales

"Become increasingly familiar" "Recognising simple recurring literary language in stories" - English


Group Size:

This programme can accommodate 30 children per session. If you have a larger group, we can create a bespoke timetable.


We have created a new programme for 2017 that takes place in the Gardens. This interactive tour will give children the opportunity to visit different outdoor areas that inspire thoughts of many traditional and fairy tales, including Rapunzel, Billy Goats Gruff and Red Riding Hood. Children will understand how the world around us inspires stories and they too may use their experience as a basis for creative writing back in the classroom.

We recommend that schools studying Traditional Tales book a full day experience with us, but half days are also available.


Make an enquiry using our Schools Enquiry form or contact us to discuss your requirements at tattoneducation@cheshireeast.gov.uk / 01625 374428.

Risk Assessment:

Information about risk assessments and our health and safety procedures for this workshop.