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Old MacDonald: Farmyard Songs and Rhymes

Take a tour around the Farm and join in a number of well known songs and rhymes that link to our surroundings and the animals we will see. Learn about what it is like to live on a farm and hear interesting facts about all your farmyard favourites!

Newly hatched chick

Course details

Old MacDonald: Farmyard Songs & Rhymes


Tatton Park Mansion Cellars


90 minutes


September – November & January - July

Age Recommendation:

Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

Session Plan Produced:

Mar. 2017, Laura Armitage - Learning & Visitor Services Manager

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes

1. EYFS: To learn through sensory engagement – tactile education in an enabling environment

Links to the 7 areas of learning and development, as well as complimenting the introductory study of primary subjects

2. KS1: To support with the development of speaking and listening

“Competency in the arts of speaking and listening” - English

3. EYFS & KS1: To participate in rhymes and songs to embed learning principles

“Recognising sounds” “Joining in and repeating” - English


Group Size:

This programme can accommodate 12-90 children. If you have a larger group, we are happy to discuss a bespoke timetable with you.


Children will be taken on a tour of the farm and have an opportunity to meet the animals. This will involve some feeding and handling. Wherever possible, the tour will include our beautiful baby animals, but this depends entirely on the season of your visit. You will also have the opportunity to visit the cottage and compare how different the facilities/decoration is to our modern homes. Throughout the experience, children will be encouraged to participate in a number of well known songs and rhymes related to the farm and its animals.


Make an enquiry using our Schools Enquiry form or contact us to discuss your requirements at tattoneducation@cheshireeast.gov.uk / 01625 374428.

Risk Assessment:

Information about risk assessments and our health and safety procedures for this workshop.