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Visitor Activities

Visitors are welcome to walk, cycle and play in 1,000 acres of Parkland for free. There are lots of great trails that provide wonderful walks, amazing viewpoints and idyllic spots to relax and reflect. 

The Parkland is bursting with wildlife all year long, read the latest seasonal wildlife news from the Ranger Team. Little explorers will love our Scavenger Hunt (PDF, 890 KB) or the fun activities in our Parkland Explorer booklet (PDF, 16MB)

Please check our opening times and FAQs to plan your visit. 

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Dog Walking 

We welcome dogs in the Parkland

From 1 May 2024, all dogs must be kept on a lead within the Parkland until 31 July 2024, ,to protect deer calves, pregnant hinds and sheep at this time of year.

Also, please remember that not everyone loves dogs, and some people fear them. So make sure your dog doesn't approach other people, especially children, unless it's invited to.

Please visit our Dog Walking page for further details. 


Cycling is a great way to enjoy Tatton Park's vast estate and beautiful vistas. Find out more. 

The Cycle hire shop is open seasonally, view opening times and dates here. 

Tatton Park's Adventure Playground

Tatton Park’s Adventure Playground is a must for our younger visitors! It’s conveniently located near the main car park and suitable for all ages and abilities of children from teens to toddlers. There are lots of fun activities, some fully accessible for wheelchairs.

We’re sorry that some of our older structures are no longer suitable to play on and closed off. We have installed a some new, smaller play pieces for younger children whilst we review funding options to help us redevelop the playground. We’re also looking at the wider outdoor play offer and introducing new ideas for imaginative play in other areas of the estate. In the meantime we hope your family enjoys their time at Tatton Park.

Picnicking at Tatton Park

Tatton Park is an ideal location to enjoy a picnic by the water’s edge, in the woodland shade or on the open grassland. Please take all litter home with you - thank you!


BBQs are not permitted in the Parkland. 

Horse Riding 

Horse riding is permitted all year round. You may enter the Parkland on horseback from either Rostherne or Knutsford Gate. If you enter with a vehicle and horsebox, you must enter the Parkland from Knutsford Gate only. Fee is £8 per horse and a separate vehicle entry charge applies. Please check current Parkland entry charges. The riding area extends to land west of Knutsford Drive. Riders must wear an approved safety hat. Please read our horse riding regulations with map.


Not permitted in low season. 

Sailboards and sailing dinghies up to 16ft only are permitted on Tatton Mere during high season. No canoes or inflatables. Crews must wear life jackets/buoyancy aids. Please read our sailing regulations and map. 

Permit holder - Full day sailing costs £12.50 (after 3pm £7).

Non Permit holder - Full day sailing costs £25 (after 3pm £12.50). 

You can buy an annual sailing permit for £50 to access discounts. Application forms are available from Tatton Park Reception.


Fishing is  allowed on Tatton Mere only between the hours of 7:00am - 4:30pm (last entry 2:30pm) in low season, gates are locked at 5pm. Please note that from Friday 9 February 2024, access to fishing will be temporarily from 7:45am, for a short period only. 

Buy fishing permit - Day tickets for pleasure fishing on the west bank of Tatton Mere cost £10 per adult and £6 per child. Tickets must be purchased online in advance - Fishing may be suspended due to weather and ice on the Mere. Please check our website and social for daily updates on whether it is allowed before purchasing a permit. Download our fishing regulations and map.

Species include Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench, Perch and Pike. If you belong to a fishing club and would like Tatton Park to organise a match, please contact the Rangers on 01625 374414.  For exact dates of the coarse fishing season please view our Fishing Regulations and map. In 2018 a 52lb 8oz Common Carp was caught at Tatton Mere - don't forget to share your pictures with us on social media or email tattonmarketing@cheshireeast.gov.uk 

Bird Watching (Allen Bird Hide)

During the summer you can spot Kingfishers and Sand Martins over the mere and a number of woodland birds including Nuthatches, Treecreepers and Great Spotted Woodpecker. During the winter, wildfowl numbers increase including Shoveler, Goldeneye, Wigeon and Tufted Duck.

Visitors to Tatton Park are able to enjoy watching nature from the sanctuary of the Allen Bird Hide. The Hide is situated on the edge of Melchett Mere alongside Knutsford Drive, immediately after the turning to the Old Hall. The Hide can accommodate 10 people and can be used during park opening times (closed 30 minutes before the park closes.) Please note, binoculars are not provided.

Tatton Park Walking Trails

Field to Fork Trail 

During the Field to Fork trail you'll learn how the Parkland was a source of food for the entire estate, the different ways in which the land has been worked historically to generate food, and how it is managed today. This is a three mile circular walk which begins at the northern end of Tatton Mere. Information panels are dotted throughout the trail revealing interesting facts and things to look out for along the way such as the hidden Ice House.

Nature Trail

Devised by the Rangers, this nature trail is a wonderful way to enjoy the Parkland and its natural habitat. Nature Trail booklets are available from any of the onsite shops/attraction entrances for 50p and include maps, trails and striking photographs of the estate's wildlife and flora. Proceeds from the booklet go to Tatton Park Trust to help raise funds for its charitable objectives.  The trail follows a 1 hour walk to the Old Hall and back again. It offers easy walking on level ground and is suitable for families with older children and for adults. There is an additional 30 minute loop round Melchett Mere, which is also marked in the leaflet.

Beech Avenue Conservation Trail 

The Beech Avenue Conservation Trail is 2 kilometres long and takes approximately ¾ hour to fully appreciate. The avenue was originally planted in 1739 and many of the trees have now reached the ancient phase of their lives, the most valuable for wildlife. The holes, decay, fissures and dead wood host numerous invertebrates (including nationally scarce species) and provide legally protected roosting and nesting sites for birds and bats. Along the way walkers will be able to learn about the history, wildlife and landscape features of the avenue and its immediate surroundings. 

The constant footfall that Beech Avenue receives compacts the root system of the trees, making it difficult for them to gain nutrients effectively. To maximise the life span of the veteran trees, erecting a fence prevents further erosion whilst still allowing visitors to enjoy the wonderful avenue from a discreet distance. This also allows Tatton Park’s Red and Fallow deer a sheltered, undisturbed area to graze and calve, but still provides a magnificent sight to visitors who can view them in their natural setting. 

Footpaths to Fitness Trail 

Get active and enjoy some tremendous views on this walk along Tatton Mere and around the Parkland. Choose from a 2.5 mile walk along Tatton's beautiful Mere (from Dog Wood entrance and back) or continue on the circular walk and enjoy a 5.5 mile walk around the Parkland, taking approximately 2 hours.

Activities not allowed

The use of skateboards, e-scooters, segways and balanceboards are not permitted in the Parkland.