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Public Events with the Ranger Team

Why not book yourself onto one of our nature walks with the Rangers and find out more about our wildlife? We have a wide range of walks exploring areas of the Parkland which are not normally open to the public, as well as specialist walks to learn more about our diverse wildlife - everything from bats to birds to fungi! We've described some of our main events below, please click here to visit our events listings for more information and to book.

Cycling Boredom Busters

You will be exploring the ‘out of bounds’ farmland trails and woodland single-tracks using the fundamentals of off-road skills. Medals and certificates for special achievements will be awarded at the finish. It also includes a basic bike safety check before the trail begins.

Deer Walks

For centuries the Red and Fallow Deer at Tatton Park have roamed freely over 1,000 acres of beautiful Parkland. Join the Rangers for guided walks of the Parkland - our deer walks vary throughout the year. Our rutting walks are during the shortened daylight hours and cooler weather, the rut marks the time of year when male deer compete to mate with the females resulting in much posturing, bellowing and wallowing. Witness the drama of the rut or during the summer, observe new-born calves and fawns.

Deer Feed and Trailer Rides

Take a trailer ride with the Rangers to watch the daily deer feed. Get a close look at hundreds of deer feeding in their beautiful natural habitat. 

 Ranger Education Events

Education Programmes

Our knowledgable Park Ranger team facilitate a number of specialist workshops for schools during the year. Availability for these exciting workshops is strictly limited and currently includes: Pond Dipping, Mini-Beast Hunts and Deer Walks

Pond Dipping / Mini Beast Hunt

  • Max      40 children
  • Suitable      for Key Stage 2 and 3
  • Duration:      Full or Half Days
  • Available      Tuesday and Wednesday from September to October and March to July

Focusing on life cycles and predator/prey relationships, children are encouraged to learn through games and exploration. Once on the parkland they will become Pond Dippers and Mini Beast Hunters.

Once the fundamentals of safe pond dipping have been explained, the Pond Dippers will learn about water as an eco-system catching “beasts” (pond-life) and putting them into trays ready for identification.  Through the ‘camouflage game’, children on the Mini-Beast hunt will learn why camouflage is needed in predator/prey relationships before they hunt for insects under logs and stones for use in a discussion on life cycles and inter-relationships.

Deer Walk

KS2 & KS3

  • Max      12 Children per group, 4 groups for full day, 2 groups for ½ day (60      children & adults or 56 + 2 wheelchairs, capacity)
  • Suitable      for Key Stage 2 and 3
  • Duration:      Full or Half Days
  • Available      Tuesday and Wednesday from September to October and March to July

Tatton’s deer herds have played an important part in shaping the landscape since their introduction in the 1290s. The Deer Walk teaches groups how to track deer and identify signs of their presence through the deer prints, droppings and tree damage. Children will be taught the appropriate way to approach the deer and will be able to look at and handle sets of antlers and deer skins. Discussions can also focus on deer management, their ratios, numbers and winter feeding programme. The Deer Walk can be opened out into a more general look at Tatton’s natural history and the impact that both deer and man have on the parkland environment and the shaping of the landscape.

Click here for more information on Tatton's educational programmes, and to make a booking.