Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Parkland Livestock


red deer winter feeding - Peter SpoonerThe Deer Park at Tatton was created by Royal Charter in 1290. Eight centuries later, the deer still provide a magnificent sight for visitors as they roam freely in over 1,000 acres of beautiful parkland. The deer herd are managed by the Ranger team who are justifiably proud of the superb quality of both the Red and Fallow deer which total 400 breeding head.

When the park is busy, the stags and bucks can often be encountered in small bachelor groups, but many of the female deer move into their private sanctuary which is a very important factor for the herd's wellbeing. This is also the area where the majority of young are born in June although just occasionally newborns can be found within the public parkland. If you do see any young whilst visiting the park, please leave them alone as their mother will not be far away.

Deer behaviour changes seasonally so they are of interest throughout the year, especially in the autumn when the ‘rut’ gets underway. Triggered by shortening daylight hours and cooler weather, the rut marks the time of year when male deer compete to mate with females resulting in much posturing, bellowing and wallowing.

Best Times and Places to View the Deer

Deer Leap view of the sanctuary NE corner
On quiet evenings around the Old Hall
Stags can be seen along Knutsford Drive in the summer
Fawns and calves ‘following’ in early and late July
During the rut in Autumn
Winter mornings during the deer feeding programme south of the war memorial


St kilda sheepThe will of the last Lord Egerton of Tatton requested that two rare breeds of sheep continue to be grazed on the Tatton estate and today these unusual sheep flocks can be found in the various paddocks around the Mansion.

The black sheep are a rare breed Hebridean and are one of the oldest existing flocks on record dating from 1887. The small brown ‘goat-like’ sheep are Soay, a small and primitive breed thought to have been farmed in the bronze age.

During the spring and summer months a tenant farmer also grazes his flock of sheep on the Parkland

Best Places to View the Rare Breed Sheep

Overflow car parks near the Children’s Adventure Playground 
April and May are a good time to view the lambs 
In the Ice pond field opposite the Mansion
All animal stock need peace and quiet. Please help by keeping dogs under very tight control and not approaching too closely.

Why not book yourself onto one of our deer/nature walks with the Rangers and find out more about our wildlife?