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The Library

Bound books in the libraryThe Library, though generally thought to be a male domain, was used by the whole family. As it was the most spacious room and comfortably furnished, it was often used as a sitting room for quiet family gatherings, as well as for writing letters and playing board games.

The room is perfectly symmetrical, in keeping with the formality of the Neo-Classical style and houses one of the largest and most important library collections owned by The National Trust with over 8,000 books in this room alone, many still in their original covers and in mint condition.

As books were expensive in all periods up to the 20th century, they were considered to be valuable possessions by the Egerton family and there are many rare and interesting books in the collection. Reading was one of the main sources of recreation and possession of a large and well-stocked library was an indication of a cultivated life-style.

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