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The Bedrooms

The Silk bedroomThere were 24 bedrooms during the Egerton family ownership of Tatton, including six guest or principal suites and those in the family wing. 

The furnishings of all bedrooms in the mansion were supplied by Gillows of Lancaster in 1811 and 1812, with variations of wood and style.  It is particularly interesting that many of the original contents remain in the house today.

The suites were known by the prevalent type or colour of the original drapery – Blue, Morine, Chintz, Silk, Amber and Lemon.  All except for the Lemon Bedroom had adjoining dressing rooms. 

Even when they were redecorated after 1910 and the carpets and curtains removed and colour schemes altered, the bedrooms
retained their original names.

The Lemon bedroomIn the Silk and Lemon Bedrooms much of the original furniture can still be seen, laid out as it was when first supplied.

Many distinguished visitors have stayed at Tatton Park, including their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1887, the Shah of Persia and the Crown Prince of Siam in the following decade. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales were assigned the principal guest suites overlooking the south-facing gardens during their visit to open Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester.