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Wilbraham Egerton 1832 -1909

Wilbraham Egerton of Tatton portrait by Sir Hubert Von HerkomerDuring the ownership of Wilbraham, the Egertons of Tatton Park reached the pinnacle of their social status.

Wilbraham and his first wife Mary entertained lavishly, hosting house parties for the wealthy elite. In 1887 they entertained the Prince and Princess of Wales when they came to open the Royal Silver Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester.

Wilbraham was a scholarly man and wrote various publications on diverse subjects, from an academic study of Oriental Arms and Armour, to agriculture, to the education of deaf children. He travelled widely and whilst doing so sketched and painted.

He, like his grandfather Wilbraham, was a keen collector of artworks and of ceramics. His purchases included a number of early Italian and Flemish paintings and a collection of 17th century Dutch Delftware which can be seen in the Library.

In 1892 his first wife, Mary, died. Two years later Wilbraham married for the second time to Alice Montgomery, Duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, whose portrait by Sir Frank Dicksee P.R.A. can be seen in the Dining Room.

Chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal Company, Wilbraham’s contribution was eventually recognised when he was created Earl Egerton and Viscount Salford in 1897.