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Maurice Egerton 1874 - 1958

Maurice Egerton 4th and last Baron Egerton of TattonMaurice, 4th and last Baron Egerton of Tatton, was an innovator and a man of great inventive and technical skill. A pioneer aviator, photographer and filmmaker, he was an early motorist and prodigious traveller.

A shy and somewhat solitary figure, his great legacy was to leave the Tatton estate to the National Trust for the benefit and enjoyment of others.

He was a great supporter of local youth and founded the Egerton Boys Club to encourage the Knutsford youngsters to play sport and be involved in health-giving physical activity in the great outdoors.

Maurice Egerton spent a considerable portion of his time on his Kenyan estate, which is where he died in 1958.

Visitors to the estate can learn more about this fascinating man in the Maurice Egerton Exhibition Room.