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Behind the Lens:

The Photography of Maurice Egerton, the last Lord Egerton


Join us to celebrate the centenary of Maurice, 4th Lord Egerton’s inheritance of the Tatton Estates. This photographic exhibition shows a selection of images from his archive, including the photograph below, of Maurice himself with his 1896 Blair 'Columbus' camera.

Capturing his world and travels from 1895-1955Black and white photo of Lord Egerton holding first camera

Maurice led a fascinating life but, born the younger son of a younger son, he was never destined to inherit Tatton Park. From a relatively sheltered childhood, he went on to travel extensively, helped by the unexpected wealth he gained as Lord Egerton. During his travels he recorded observations, collected artefacts and took photographs. He bore witness to events at the dawn of a new era, and thanks to his love of photography, captured the events, people and activity around him. This special exhibition shares the best of his photography from travels with his first camera in 1895, to the photos he took in India on his last safari trip in 1955. 




Maurice's photographsMaurice photo exhibition collage

  • Maurice was fascinated by man's attempts at flight, and his collection includes some of the earliest aerial images ever taken from hot air balloons
  • His involvement in pioneering flight with the Wright Brothers is captured in several images
  • Maurice watched and photographed the first ever Grand Prix motor racing event
  • His expeditions to Canada took him as far north as the Yukon
  • Maurice developed a real love for Africa and at times in his life, he spent more time there than at Tatton. This exhibition includes photographs of his safari expeditions and portraits of African tribes












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