Autumn scene at Tatton Park

Plan your autumn adventures - visits need to be pre-booked with arrival times.

What's in Bloom?

 early autumn garden collage


Autumn Highlights 

  • Our apple and pear crops (including the Bloody Ploughman apple variety shown above) are in their last stages of developing before cropping starts in September. Visit the Orchards and admire the trees before they lose their fruit!
  • The Walled Kitchen Garden is producing plenty of potatoes, radishes, carrots, leeks and figs
  • Take a stroll up Broad Walk to the Choragic Monument, at the furthest reach of the Garden. From here you have one of the best views of the changing trees and grasses across the Parkland 
  • Looking out across the terraces of the Italian Garden is another lovely vantage point. The formal planting and structured design of the Italian Garden in the foreground make a striking contrast with the rolling Parkland beyond. Mass annual plantings have produced glorious floral displays of purple, blue and white 
  • Maple trees, in the Japanese Garden and surrounding areas, boast leaves of vivid orange, pink and yellow in the autumn months
  • Pine cones adorn some of the tree specimens found in the Arboretum and Pinetum


The 50 acres of Gardens at Tatton Park have evolved for over 200 years. Today it is an almost complete picture of how the gardens existed in Edwardian times. Find out more about the different areas of Tatton Park's gardens from the Walled Kitchen GardenJapanese GardenGlasshouses and the Pleasure Grounds, including an Arboretum featuring almost 900 plant varieties.


The Glasshouses

Whilst the open areas of the Garden are open to the public, certain areas, such as the Rose Garden, Glasshouses and Fernery remain closed where social distancing is not possible. We're sorry you can't visit these particular sections, but why not read about them instead? 

 Read more about Tatton's Glasshouses and orchid collection.


What's growing in the Kitchen Garden?Pumpkin autumn web size


We've planted pumpkins differently this year. Rather than the usual range of cucurbits (the gourd family, which includes squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, courgettes and melons), we've focused on just a few varieties of culinary squashes and pumpkins, grown specifically for eating, rather than ornamentation. The crops will supply on-site kitchens in the Gardener's Cottage Tea Room and Stables Restaurant, the Housekeeper's Store and also food banks to continue to help out vulnerable residents in the local community.

Video footage to bring you closer to the GardensJapanese Garden spring thumbnail

Here are a few one-minute-long ambient videos, filmed in the Gardens this summer. If you are unable to visit Tatton Park at the moment, we hope you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, captured in these short films and we look forward to welcoming you again soon.

  1. A one-minute video showing a view across the Dipping Pond, with ferns and leaves wafting in the breeze, a fountain and backdrop of birdsong
  2. A one-minute video showing spring colour in the Japanese Garden, looking across to the Tea House
  3. A one-minute video looking across to the Shinto Shrine and Almond Eye Bridge in the Japanese Garden, and a Coot nesting on the water

Our Head Gardener has also taken additional video footage during one of his working days in the Garden. Join him and step inside our world-renowned Japanese Garden

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