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Winter highlights in the Gardens

We celebrate all seasons at Tatton Park and look forward to welcoming you this winter. Discover the joys to be found across our

50-acre Garden even during the shortest, coldest days of the year. Here are a few features of our winter garden for you to look out for on your visit:

Tree skeletons - these can provide dramatic silhouettes against clear skies and those that are laden with threatening clouds. The absence of leaves also allows for longer views, especially from the Italian Terrace out across the Parkland. If you then head away to the right onto White Walk, it will take you through a wooded area which rejoins Broad Walk towards the African Hut (which can be a good place to shelter if it rains!). 

Forest Bathing - if you're looking for a way to boost your sense of wellbeing this winter, then our Forest Bathing sites are ideal for reconnecting with nature. If you make your way to the Pinetum, beyond the Japanese Garden, you can enjoy the refreshing pine scent which lingers in the air at this time of year, and learn about the healing properties of pine trees. 

Spring bulbs - from late January onwards, daffodils and other spring bulbs will be adding splashes of colour to the lawned area in front of the Tenants' Hall and Mansion, as well as the usual dazzling display in the Show House next to the Fernery

Below left: Italian Terrace, below right: Charlotte's Garden

winter garden web collage 2

Below left: African Hut, below right: seed heads in the Kitchen Gardenwinter garden web collage 3



 The Glasshouses

Whilst most areas of the Garden are open to the public, certain areas, such as the Rose Garden, Glasshouses and Fernery remain closed where social distancing is not possible. We're sorry you can't visit these particular sections, but why not read about them instead? Read more about Tatton's Glasshouses and orchid collection.



Video footage to bring you closer to the Gardens

Japanese Garden spring thumbnail

Here are a few one-minute-long ambient videos, filmed in the Gardens during summer. If you are unable to visit Tatton Park at the moment, we hope you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, captured in these short films and we look forward to welcoming you again soon.

  1. A one-minute video showing a view across the Dipping Pond, with ferns and leaves wafting in the breeze, a fountain and backdrop of birdsong
  2. A one-minute video showing spring colour in the Japanese Garden, looking across to the Tea House
  3. A one-minute video looking across to the Shinto Shrine and Almond Eye Bridge in the Japanese Garden, and a Coot nesting on the water

Our Head Gardener has also taken additional video footage during one of his working days in the Garden. Join him and step inside our world-renowned Japanese Garden

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