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The History of the Gardens

The Fernery pre 1891The gardens at Tatton have been developing for over 200 years with each successive owner of the estate playing their part in its evolution.

Famous designers such as Joseph Paxton and Lewis Wyatt added variety and scope to the gardens as they followed the trends and fashions of the time. This continued until the death of Maurice, the last Lord Egerton in 1958.

It was probably the latter, with his planting of large numbers of Rhododendrons and Azaleas, who made the gardens as well known as they are today.

The development of the gardens is connected to the growth of Tatton as an estate and particularly with the re-modelling of the house and the creation of the parkland in the 18th century.

The gardens also reflect the changing fashions in garden design and the inspiration of various members of the Egerton family.

The climate is interesting due to the gardens' inland position (altitude 60m). Cold winters restrict many ‘tender’ plants to warm walls.

Rainfall is low at 711mm but well distributed. The soil is acid pH 5.6. The area is also noted for recurring subsidence due to salt extraction and water abstraction.