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Walled Gardens

The kitchen garden - George LtitlerThe walled gardens have recently undergone extensive restoration including all the ancillary buildings.

From mushroom sheds and onion stores to barns and glasshouses, all have been restored to their former use.

Today even the cultivation techniques along with the original varieties of vegetables and fruit reflect an almost-forgotten era. Significantly this area is not just ‘a garden’ but also a testing-ground for the conservation and practical use of traditional skills.

The vegetable garden is used for growing varieties of plant known to be cultivated at Tatton during the Edwardian era such as 'Scarlet Emperor' runner beans, 'Fat Lazy Blonde' lettuce and 'British Queen' potatoes.

Likewise the walled orchard contains varieties of fruit not only of the period but also those which we know to have been grown in Cheshire during the Edwardian period. Apples, pears, plums, gages and cherries are all present here in various forms, including the apple varieties 'Charles Ross', 'Rival' and 'Renown' and a large variety of northern and Cheshire cultivars.

Thanks to assistance from Cheshire Landscape Trust, the walled kitchen garden contains excellent examples of gooseberry trees.

Produce can be admired not only in the garden itself, but can also be purchased (when in season), at the garden shop