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Tatton Park Farm - Field to Fork Project

An exciting new project at the Farm

We've received kind funding and support from the organisations below to develop the Farm and tell the story of Two Centuries of ‘Field to Fork’ alongside our current working farm & animals.

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Tatton Park's Farm in Knutsford, Cheshire has received funding to help tell the story of food production for a large country estate from the late 18th century to the present day. It's a ground-breaking project to bring to life the Farm's fascinating heritage - its buildings and machinery, the people who live and worked here, the farming practices and animals reared over the centuries. We're currently opening up buildings, introducing new information boards, interactive models, costumed guides, sound and light-scapes and developing existing spaces across the Farm.

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The ‘Field to Fork’ story will be told through the mouths of former farm workers and the estate family members, the farm buildings (some of which will be open to the public for the first time), machinery, animals and traditional agricultural skills. A visit will provide an intriguing and enjoyable exploration of this uniquely well-preserved window into the story of farming and food production at Tatton Park.


Visitors will discover more about:

  • The Farm's people: lives of the family and the workers
  • Change and Technology: how the farm used agricultural innovation to increase production and efficiency
  • The Farm: a unique survivor of one of the first industrial farms
  • Our food’s journey: how food is grown and reared and why that’s important to us today
  • Rare native breeds: how the traditional animals kept at the Farm help to conserve the UK’s rich and varied livestock

Explore the Farm and you will discover a rare survivor of the agricultural and industrial revolutions, a site where people working the land experienced the dramatic transitions in rural life and food production, driven by revolutions in technology which shaped how food is brought to your table and the relevance to our diets today.


There will be activities and events for everyone including:

  • Get involved and have a go at cooking, butter and cheese making.
  • State of the art multimedia, live demonstrations to bring stories to life supported with a cutting edge app, video and sound-scapes
  • Opportunities to see demonstrations such as horse ploughing, milking a cow by hand, our historic Mill machinery in action and more.
  • Be a volunteer at the Farm, help us to tell the story and be part of this exciting project.
  • Learning for all - there will be a full programme for schools and adults.