Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Winter news from the Farm

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Winter always keeps us busy making sure that the animals have got enough to eat whilst the grass isn’t growing. It’s a good job because it can often be cold and bleak but the days when the sun is shining and you are treated to a beautiful winter sunrise remind you how lucky you are to be working outdoors.


We spend a lot of time ferrying haylage bales out to the cows and rations to the sheep. The sheep scanner is booked for the 4th February and then we will know how ‘tupping’ went and how many lambs we’re expecting in April! Then we can work out a careful diet for the pregnant ewes going forward. Those in lamb to twins or triplets will need a lot more sustenance than those having a single lamb.


The horses winter outside but come in daily for a rack full of hay and a belly full of feed. Poor Sensation (our 4 year old shire) has had an operation at Equine Hospital to remove some Sarcoids  (persistent and progressive skin lumps caused by a virus that horses can get). Winter is a good time of year for her to have this operation as her wounds will be able to heal whilst the weather is cold and there aren’t any flies about to bother them. The other horses have been missing her so much, they are such a close family unit.


Martha has been weaned from her piglets and is having a good rest. Luna our Large White is due to have her next litter mid-february and we can’t wait to have some little piglets back in the piggery.


We are about to accept delivery of a Golden Guernsey billy goat on loan to run with some of our nannies over the next few weeks. We’re hoping for kids around June time. We haven’t had goat kids for a few years now so that will be exciting for 2022. Fingers crossed!


The donkeys are back to training to try and shift the winter ‘carrot weight’. We have bought a little buggy ready for them to pull when they are fully trained and this year’s aim is also to get them to load into a trailer easily and with no stress…. Watch this space!

So lots to keep us busy plus we are still open to visitors at weekends and all week for February half-term (19th-27th Feb) where we’ll be taking part in the Scarecrow Festival with the gardens. Don’t forget to come and visit!


Newsletter compiled by the Farm Team. 

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