Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Winter news from the Farm 


farm news winter collage 2Other than the excitement of our Father Christmas at The Farm event Winter is probably our least favourite time of year. Our days shorten as we lose the daylight hours, the fields get wet and muddy and we are often working outside in bad weather. But on those cold, clear wintry days it is truly a privilege to be working in such a beautiful place with our lovely livestock. Our main task at this time of year is making sure all the animals have enough to eat in the fields.


We are really excited as Molly our rare breed Middle White sow has had her piglets in December! As the Farm is closed during lockdown, you can follow the animals on the Farm at Tatton's Facebook page. We are hoping Luna and Tallulah will be due this Spring so lots of piglets to look forward to around Easter time! 


The ewes have all been with the rams in November time. We put a red raddle paint on the rams chest to check they are working and we were very pleased to see lots of ewes with red bottoms very quickly. We won’t know for sure how many lambs we’re expecting until the scanner comes at the end of January. He performs an ultrasound scan on the ewes to tell us if they’re in lamb and with how many. Scanning is always a super exciting day! We will be lambing from the 8th April next year.


We hired a Red Poll bull for a month in October so we are hoping our cows are all pregnant. We will have them scanned by the vet in the next couple of months to see for sure. Last years calves have been weaned and will be off to market. We have started feeding our cows this years hay out in the fields as the grass is pretty much gone now. They love nothing more than a big bale of sweet haylage delivered to them!

Horses and Donkeys

The donkeys are living inside now but get out to the field daily. Their coats aren’t as waterproof as the horses so they can’t live outside year round. The horses do stay outside but come in everyday for a rack full of hay and a feed of carrots. They have grown really thick and hairy winter coats and it’s a full time job keeping them clean! 

Other news

Dancer the reindeer is doing well and will be accompanying the donkeys to our local schools over Christmas.

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