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Inspired by Nature - Tatton Park Learning Hub

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Learn about the environment

It is important that we love the world around us and take care of it, so it is there for future generations to enjoy. Celebrate Earth Day 2020 re-using and recylcing materials in your home to do some fun, nature inspired crafts and activities. 

Make a bug hotel

Have a go at making a bug hotel, using recycled household and garden materials. If you don't have a garden – you can build in a yard or on a balcony. 

Download 'Build a Bug Hotel' step-by-step guide (PDF, 570KB) 

Biodegradable plant pots 

Grow seedings in recylced household materials like toilet roll tubes, empty egg cartons and even old newspapers. 

Download 'Biodegradable plant pot ideas' (PDF, 386KB)

Make a bird feeder

Attract the birds to your garden, patio or balcony with three homemade bird feeder ideas re-using materials found around your home.

Download 'Bird feeder crafts using recycled materials' activity guide (PDF 514KB)

Learn about Science and Nature

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Tatton Park is home to lots of fascinating creatures. Visitors enjoying exploring the grounds and seeing these living things in their natural habitats. There is a chance to win a nature walk in the Parkland to spot and identify a range of animals and mini beasts.

Tatton Park Gardens - See the World 

The Gardens at Tatton Park were created over two centuries by the various Egerton owners of the beautiful Tatton Park Estate. Download the sheet below to try out some fun crafts and activities you can do in the classroom or at home. 

Download 'Tatton Park Gardens - See the World' activity sheet

Animal Life Cycles - Grey Herons 

Have you ever spotted a grey heron flying over Tatton Park, or standing still in the water? Download the activity sheet below to learn all about these large birds, play a new game and even try your hand at making a delicious heron nest out of chocolate. 

Download 'Animal Life Cycles - Grey Herons' activity sheet 

My Incredible Creature 

Create your own incredible creature. Where will it live? What will it eat? What does it look like? We can’t wait to find out!

Download 'My Incredible Creature' activity sheet (PDF, 280KB) 

Tatton Park's Deer Herds

Tatton Park is home to two herds of wild deer: Red and Fallow. It is fascinating to watch them throughout the year and see the changes they experience during that time. Take a quiz and see how much you know about these magnificent creatures and then get creative and make your own deer mask. 

Download 'Tatton Park's Deer Herds' activity sheet (PDF, 413KB) 

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