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How Things Work - Tatton Park Learning Hub

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Learn about Maths

Every year, we participate in a fantastic, event organised by Manchester Airport, called ‘Numbers at Work.’ The aim of this event is to show how a variety of businesses use Maths in their work.

Maths in the Mansion in the Past 

Learn about how maths was used to help the Egertons and their Housekeeping team manage the Mansion in the past.

Download 'Maths in the Mansion in the Past' activity sheet (PDF, 581KB)

Maths in the Mansion today

Explore how maths helps our Mansion Team look after the collection at Tatton Park  today and understand how the building was designed.

Download 'Maths in the Mansion Today' activity sheet (PDF, 718 KB)

Numbers at Work 

The below Butter Making & Healthy Eating activities show how maths can be used to calculate the amount of butter produced at Tatton Park's Farm and how to calculate our daily calorie intake.

Download the 'Numbers at Work' activity sheet (PDF, 303KB)

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