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'A Soldier's Story' (2018)

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This year, we have received kind support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a World War One themed commemoration project. Funding and partnership work has also been provided by  Cheshire East Reflects.


The aim of this project has been to ensure that the stories of our local soldiers are shared and their contribution to the war effort is not forgotten. Our work has focused on soldiers who lived/worked on the Tatton Estate and served during World War One. In 2014, a Memorial Book remembering these men and telling their stories, was compiled by volunteers. This project has revived that research and used it as the basis for two large scale, free educational events (held in May and August 2018) and the production of this webpage and its supporting material. With special thanks to our funders and National Lottery players for supporting good causes.

From Tatton to the Trenches

'Tatton to the Trenches' is a comprehensive resource pack for teachers, which supports learning about World War One and the local area. Many Tatton employees, from footmen to foresters, volunteered to fight in the trenches. Explore the experience of Tatton soldiers during the Great War. Why did they join up to fight? Where did they serve? Learn about the life of a British soldier in the trenches. What sort of jobs did they have? What did they wear and what did they eat? Find out about the medals they were given and why. Learn more about women’s contribution to the war effort and about the forgotten wartime refugees in Cheshire.

Download our 'Tatton to the Trenches' resource pack (PDF, 5.95MB)

Tatton Park Memorial Book

The Tatton Park Memorial Book contains listings for over 100 soldiers, who had links to the Tatton Estate and served during World War One. As part of this project, we have summarised some of the key stories and published them in a pamphlet volume for this, the centenary year. You can access an online version of the document below, or request a FREE printed copy by emailing tattoneducation@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Download our 'Tatton Park Memorial Book' (abridged) (PDF, 1.36MB)

You are welcome to make an appointment to view the full version of the document on-site by emailing tatton@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Soldier Storytelling video