Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Tatton Park’s Parkland, Stables take-away and Housekeeper’s Store will remain covid-safe and open under new national lockdown rules in line with Government guidelines permitting local outdoor exercise, food shops and take-away food. Please check Lockdown regulations before travelling and stay local - Read our latest covid-19 update here.

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Fresh air and outdoor exercise

Winter bird web

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for little, local explorers, see what wildlife you can spot in the Parkland. Download Winter Scavenger Hunt before your visit.  

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Local Parkland Walks

Escape, exercise and recharge in 1,000 acres of beautiful Parkland this winter. Explore one of our walking trails or go off the beaten track and find your own path.

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Winter Wildlife

The winter season brings many fantastic things to see and there is still an abundance of local wildlife to discover. Read our latest Wildlife news

Learning Hub activities                                           

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Animal Life Cycles - Grey Herons

Download our activity sheet to learn more about these large birds and enhance your local walks in the Parkland. Sign up for the Big Garden Birdwatch (an online event hosted by the RSPB) for more bird watching activities from your own garden.  


At home learning activities

Visit our Learning Hub for a range of resources, activities, games and projects to enhance at home learning during Lockdown. Get inspired by nature, learn fun farm facts, create something new, discover how things work, learn a new life skill or explore the rich history of Tatton Park. 

What's on this year

Love stories from Tatton Park

Love stories from Tatton Park

14 January - 07 February 2021


12 - 13 June 2021
RHS Flower Show

RHS Flower Show

21 - 25 July 2021