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Tatton Park plans to enhance visitor experience.

As part of our exciting Tatton Vision project we are planning to make improvements to enhance the welcome and facilities for all our visitors.

How are we going to do this?

  • Improve existing facilities and the welcome near the main car park and in the Stableyard
  • Improve accessibility for all with new landscaping
  • Provide visitors with information about Tatton Park and the wider region
  • Help visitors orientate themselves around Tatton Park
  • Provide covered areas near the car park and in the Stableyard

New Visitor Welcome and Arrival Building

New welcome building

Artist impression of the planned Welcome Arrival Building near the main car park


Stableyard - Visitor Facilities

  • Renovate and relocate visitor toilet facilities
  • Improve services in the Stableyard courtyard for more seasonal activities such as theatre, markets and arts events
  • Better display Tatton's historic collection
  • Make existing Stableyard buildings more accessible

Stableyard development

Artist impression of the new Stableyard layout


 Artist impression of the Stableyard new central covered area with enhanced collection displays

When will this happen?

Spring 2018

Submission of planning application


Renovation and construction phase


Our new facilities are planned to be ready by 2020 to provide an enhanced visitor experience for all

Tell us what you think

We're keen to get your thoughts on our plans to ensure that the new facilities will enhance the experience for all visitors to Tatton Park.

Provide us with your feedback on our plans

Many thanks for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback.