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Wildlife News

Winter 2015

 Many bird species migrate to Tatton for the winter. Redwing and Fieldfare have arrived here from Scandinavia to exploit the food supply of berries available. A group of fourteen Whooper Swans ( pictured right) were seen on Melchett Mere in October, they are rather unusual visitors to Tatton.

 whooper swans

The group of  Egyptian Geese that have taken up residency here can still be seen near to the Ice Pond opposite the Mansion. Another introduced species, the Mandarin Duck, can also often been seen. Barn Owls have had a good year in Cheshire and we suspect that they have bred here, although they haven’t used any of the several boxes we have erected for them. There are plenty of natural holes in trees within the park for them to use.

The National Tree Register is updated every 10 years to accurately record champion trees (for largest height/ girth) in the UK. Estate team volunteers have worked enthusiastically to detail and record all possible candidates of various species within the 2000 acre estate. The information has been submitted to the Tree Register and we will wait to see if any of Tatton’s impressive trees have been awarded regional or national championship status! This has been done in addition to recording ancient and notable trees and compiling information on the 3 historic tree avenues.

   stag in the parkland at Tatton Park

Winter is a quiet time for bats. Mating has taken place in the autumn, but the process of “delayed implantation” means that pregnancy will not begin until late spring. Because of the shortage of insect prey bats will conserve their energy over the winter. To achieve this they need somewhere with a constant low temperature and will use deep holes in trees. We are hopeful that the South Lancashire Bat Group will continue with their successful survey next year.

They have plans to do radio tracking of individual bats and also to advise us on the best locations for some new bat boxes and help us install them.

The rut has now finished and it seems to have gone well; We only lost one stag through injury. The deer herds will now be fed daily by the ranger team throughout the winter months to ensure that they maintain condition. Luckily, it has been a superb grass growing year and the reduced amount of grazing by sheep during the summer months has left a good supply for the deer. In addition to carrots, the deer will also be fed with haylage. The deer now have their thicker winter coats, the hairs of which are hollow. These  trap warm air and provide good insulation during the colder months.

The rangers will be running various activities during winter. In January we team up with the Knutsford Ornithological Society for our annual “Wildfowl Watch” at the Allen Hide. This is a free drop-in session to learn about all aspects of bird watching and a chance to “ask an expert”. We also have a deer walk (including light lunch) and several deer feed/trailer rides planned. These provide a great opportunity to get a close look at the deer and learn more about their fascinating behaviour.

Please visit Events Page for dates and booking enquires.




Compiled by Tatton’s Ranger team

Free Parkland Explorer Booklet - Compiled by Tatton’s ranger team

Download your own copy of the Parkland Explorer Booklet (PDF, 1.5MB), designed by Tatton's Rangers!

Learn how to be an expert tracker, twitcher and observer of all the beautiful, natural elements of Tatton Park. This is a fantastic way for children and their families to explore the Parkland, with 16 pages of fun activities. The booklet can be downloaded here (link through to parkland explorer page). You can also pick up a free copy of this booklet i

Volunteering with the Rangers

For further information on volunteering, please contact the ranger team: mark.sills@cheshireeast.gov.uk or call 01625 374414 to chat to someone.

The work undertaken by all our volunteers is extremely valuable and much appreciated, allowing us to undertake a wide variety of tasks and projects.

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