dogDog Walkers Guidelines

Warning: BLUE GREEN ALGAE has been detected in the Mere. Algal scum can develop rapidly. If you see any, avoid it and the water near it. Animals can be affected. DOG OWNERS should ensure that dogs do not access the meres.

Dog exercising is a free activity which takes place alongside a number of other recreational activities, events and traffic. High levels of responsibility are required to ensure your dogs do not disturb other Park visitors, livestock or wildlife.

  • Dogs must be kept under CLOSE control at all times, preferably on a lead. The parkland contains livestock and wildlife all year round.
  • A maximum of 4 dogs per person is allowed.
  • Dogs are prohibited in the Gardens, Playarea, Buildings and Tatton Waters. In other clearly signed areas including the Farm and parts of the Parkland dogs must remain on a lead.
  • No Fouling. It is an offence not to clean up after your dog. Maximum fine £1000, dog wardens in operation.
  • Dog faeces must be removed from the park including collection bags. Plastic collection bags can be obtained from the dispenser located at Knutsford kiosk, if you forget to bring your own. Two dog waste bins are sited near the Knutsford Entrance.
  • Deer Calving, June/July - Keep dogs under very close control - we advise using leads. Calves can lie hidden, and their mothers can be very protective and view dogs as a threat
  • Deer Rutting, Oct/Nov - Please keep your distance, Deer are wild animals and should not be approached - they can act      aggressively when disturbed.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to access the Meres, or any Tatton Waters, for Conservation and Health & Safety reasons. Blue-green algae is present and a toxic bloom can occur at any time.

The Estate staff monitor dog walking activity, which is kept under review, and have the right to request a dog is brought under close control, kept on a lead or removed from the Park.


Thank you for adhering to these guidelines

In case of EMERGENCY contact Duty Ranger