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Wildlife News: Summer 2017


Over the summer months the birdlife in the park settles down to the important task of rearing young. Some of the early nesters have already fared well including three pairs of Ravens and five successful Heron nests at Higmere. The Egyptian Geese have also had six chicks. Some interesting birds appeared during spring migration with a beautiful male Whinchat on the 10th May, an Arctic Tern for two days at the beginning of May and a male Scaup on Tatton Mere on the 14th May. Our eagerly awaited first Sand Martin arrived late this year on the 22nd March and a first Willow Warbler was heard singing on 10th April. A very late Fieldfare, that should be in Scandinavia, was seen here on the 11th May.


 The deer look splendid  as they have now moulted into their summer coats. Male deer are growing new antlers and are “in velvet”, they are soft and pliable and easily damaged while growing, so any disputes are settled by rearing up on hind legs and boxing with each other. The females are now calving. They literally drop their calves and fawns in cover or by a fallen branch and leave them during the day, coming back to feed them at night. The young have no scent, preventing predators from finding them. After a couple of days they are on their feet and following mum. If you find a deer calf, it is important that you leave it alone as the mother will know where it is and any interference may lead to it being abandoned.


Bat survey season is back! South Lancashire Bat Group recently held their first bat trapping evening by Tatton Mere and caught thirty three bats including two Nathusius Pipistrelle. They will also begin checking the bat boxes in the park. Bats are initially cautious about using boxes and it can be several years before they are occupied (if at all) although we do know that some of those located in Dairy Wood are being used. 


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