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Summer 2016

The deer have now moulted into smart summer coats and the males are “in velvet” growing their antlers. The young are born at this time of year and could be encountered lying in cover on the parkland where they should be left alone. The mother leaves them “lying-up” in the daytime and will return at dusk to feed them.

Other animals are also rearing young at this time of year making the most of the warmer weather, longer days and plentiful food supply. The Fox cub pictured above was photographed in Tatton by Estate Team member Alex Pendlebury.

South Lancashire Bat Group are continuing their survey at Tatton for a third year. They are keen to extend the range of their survey area into the woodlands behind the arable holding. These have never previously been monitored for bats and we are hopeful that another species or two might be added to Tatton’s already impressive list of nine!

Summer is a great time to enjoy the sight of the many species of wildflower that can be found at Tatton. Although much of the park is grazed by deer and sheep, Harebells and Tormentil can be found among the grassland sward. Wood Sorrel is abundant in the woodlands and Orchids grow in many areas of the park.

Now is also the time that butterflies and dragonflies are on the wing. Tatton’s numerous ponds are a favourite haunt of the latter.

The birds are also busy nesting now and all of the summer migrants have arrived. The Swifts that screech, wheeling over the mere are only with us for a short time and will soon leave. Summer is a good time to look for Black Terns on Tatton Mere or a hunting Hobby searching for prey.

Complied by Tatton’s Ranger Team

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