Farm News - Winter

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all at The Farm!

We are currently still wondering if we are going to get a proper winter… it’s been so mild! The weather has been kind in lots of ways but it makes us farmers nervous when it’s so unseasonally warm. We keep wondering if we are going to get some late cold weather just when we want the spring grass to start growing... 

The cows and sheep are getting haylage out in the fields. The horses are coming in daily for a belly full of hay and carrots! The donkeys are staying in at night as they don’t cope with the cold and wet as well as horses.

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After our wonderful Father Christmas at The Farm event it all seems a lot quieter but it’s a good chance for us to get some routine maintenance jobs done, which keep the Farm looking its best. There has been some action in the piggery however where our lovely new addition, Luna the Large White, delighted us all by having her first ever litter of piglets on the 5th January! She had 10 in total which is a really good size for a first litter and she’s been a fabulous first time mum! That was a lovely start to the New Year. She will shortly be followed by Molly, our Middle White, who is due to farrow on 21st January. We’ll keep you posted…


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The other excitement comes in the form of pregnancy testing our cows and sheep so we know what to expect later in the year! The sheep are getting scanned on the 5th February and will be lambing at the start of April. The cows will be calving through June and July. The sheep will be fed in accordance with how many lambs they are carrying so getting the results means we can prepare for the best possible lambing period.

We are currently preparing for our next event which is the Scarecrow Festival which runs from 8th – 23rd February. The theme is Sporting Heroes in celebration of the upcoming 2020 Olympics and we are keen to celebrate animals in sport as well as people! It’s certainly challenging our creativity….
The Farm is open every weekend from 11am so please come down and visit us and all the animals. Especially with Luna and Molly’s piglets to see… there’s nothing cuter!

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