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Farm News: Autumn



Autumn is upon us and we are feeling the changes down on the farm. Any changing of the season brings with it some annual farming jobs as the cycle continues. The ewes have had their health check in preparation for running with the rams in November. It always makes us laugh that we have to start planning for next years lambing already! Farmers are nothing if not organised…

In the same vein, Zeus (a Red Poll bull) has been out with our Red Poll herd for a few weeks now and we will get the cows pregnancy tested by the vet so we know what to expect next May/June. Tamara delighted us by giving birth to 11 gorgeous Tamworth piglets on 2nd September. They are growing fast and we are already anticipating Tilly’s (Tamara’s daughter) litter due on the 6th October.

The hatchery is now closed as it becomes too cold for newly hatched chicks at this time of year. Our last growers are feathering up and will soon be out on the yard with the rest of the poultry. Tabitha and Sensation are now being turned out with Blossom and Friar so our herd of heavy horses are all back together. Sensation didn’t bat an eyelid about being introduced to her Grandma and Uncle. She continues to take everything in her stride, including her first visit from the farrier who came to trim and file her hooves!

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So no slowing down for us here at the farm and of course we have lots of exciting things going on for half term!! We are super busy collecting conkers for our annual Conker Championships. There will be two tournaments everyday over the half term with rosettes for the winners. You can pick your conker from our conker tree so be careful to choose a strong one!  And of course there’s always our spooky maze to get lost in…

And running alongside all of this our Heritage Lottery funded Field To Fork project has begun with capital works starting on our brand new group space and renovations ongoing in Aunt Mary’s cottage and the Estate Offices. It’s amazing to see the changes and we are so excited to be able to deliver such an innovative and unique project. Further information Field to Fork.





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