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Farm News - Winter

Happy New Year to you all!

December was certainly a very busy month here on the Farm as we hosted Father Christmas every weekend! It is one of our favourite events with both the staff and the animals who get to take a starring role in our live nativity! The reindeer especially enjoy all the extra attention and this year we were able to take them into the local community to surprise lots of lovely schoolchildren at both Egerton and Manor Park Primary Schools as well as a little visit to see the Stanley House residents! This year we introduced the making of Magic Reindeer Feed in our newly opened mill which was very popular with all of our younger visitors. So all in all, a very successful month and now it is the calm after the storm, as January allows us to take stock of all we achieved here on the Farm last year and all the things we are looking forward to and planning for in 2019.

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Animal updates

Winter is traditionally a harder time of the year for the animals as the grass stops growing and the weather gets colder however so far this year it has been very mild and fairly dry so the animals are doing very well. All the stock are getting plenty of hay. The sheep scanner is due to visit on 4 February so we will then know who is pregnant and how many lambs we can expect in April. The 2018 calves have been weaned this week and the vet will be coming to pregnancy test the cows sometime in the next month so we know how many Red Poll calves to expect this year. We already know our Jersey cow Berry is in calf to a little heifer and is due in May! The pigs can have litters of piglets at any time of the year and November/December brought us two lovely litters from Tilly and Tamara our older Tamworth ladies. Molly the Middle White is due just in time for half term when we will be open for visitors 16-24 February everyday except Monday. The goats are all in together now and the kids are finding their feet in the herd. Amber has certainly had her nose pushed out by the four lively, cute arrivals invading her space and getting all the attention! The hatchery is still closed and we plan to have our first chicks early April in time for the Easter Holidays. There is still plenty to see and do so we hope to see you on the weekends over the next couple of months!


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Adopted Animal Updates

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