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Summer down on the Farm 

summer farm collage

We are so excited to be opening the doors to our lovely visitors again after being closed for so long. We have lots of measures in place to ensure everybody’s safety. The animals will be pleased to see some new faces, they are definitely bored of us staff day in day out!


Molly our Middle White is due to give birth to a litter of pure bred Middle White piglets on 17th July. We are so proud to be helping to increase the numbers of this very rare breed of pig. Luna, our Large White, is due her pure bred litter on the 17th August. So lots of piglets to look forward to over the summer!


We have a very exciting horsey Birthday to celebrate this summer. The matriarch of the herd and all round legend Blossom is turning 20 in August!! Blossom is the oldest animal on the farm and has achieved great things over her years here. From helping to increase the numbers of rare breed heavy horses by giving birth to 5 foals, to having success in the show ring as a ridden horse. She is mum to Friar and Tabitha and Grandma to Sensation and adored by all who know her. Our filly Sensation also has her third Birthday on 16th July. With more time on our hands during lockdown we have backed her and started her training as a ridden horse. She is proving to be confident, loving and little bit bolshy!!! She is really enjoying her hacks out in the park with mum Tabitha.


Not to be outdone by Berry and her lovely heifer Breeze, our Red Poll cow Violet has started the ball rolling for the Red Polls, giving birth to another lovely heifer on the 2nd July. We are expecting another 7 calves from our Red Poll cows over the next few weeks so watch this space….


The Cheshire grass is springing at the minute and far too good for our donkeys who are having to be kept on a strict diet and fitness regime! After investing in some donkey harnesses we have been long reining Frosty and Huw up and down the farm drive and would love to acquire a little buggy for them to eventually pull! Frosty, Huw  and Pickles have been taken out for regular ‘runs’ which is certainly keeping the farm staff fit if nothing else!

Other news

The goats have been enjoying going out into the field daily whilst we’ve been closed to the public, although our lovely hedgerow along the farm drive has been decimated by them… They are browsers rather than grazers after all! The poultry are looking forward to having more visitors to scrounge from! The reindeer are ALMOST moulted out and starting to look a bit less scruffy! Their antlers are still growing and in ‘velvet’ at the minute. The lambs are getting sooooo big. We are planning on weaning them in the next couple of weeks and I’m sure the ewes will be glad of the rest. We managed to cut, dry and bale our hay during one of the hot spells which is always a relief.

So it’s been busy as ever here on the Farm and we are looking forward to seeing you all back again this Summer.

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Adopted Animal Updates

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