Farm News - Autumn

Wow - what a summer it’s been! And now we are in to one of our favourite seasons here on the Farm. If Spring is all about births then Autumn is all about pregnancies! We are already looking at dates for calving and lambing next year and making sure we have the right bull and rams at the right time to make it happen. Cow gestation is 9 months and sheep are 5 months so it’s important to plan ahead.


Autumn is also about giving thanks for the Summer and the harvest of course and our favourite season kicks off with one of our favourite farm events – the Harvest Festival on 14/15 September. We have traditional crafts, scarecrow making, Aunt Mary in her cottage and our Harvest Blessing service where we give thanks for the fruits of the year and bless some of our lovely farm animals and our visitors pets. The Harvest hymns are accompanied by Preston Brook Band and the whole event never fails to make us smile! This year we will be blessing our new donkey Pickles, some of our poultry and are hoping to bless two of our pigs if we can keep them still long enough.

Pictures of new arrivals at the Farm

October half term is all about piglets and pumpkins with Tallulah, our Tamworth sow, due just before and lots of fun pumpkin events for you to choose from, from simply picking them out of the field to coming for a three course pumpkin based evening meal! Please see our events listings for all the details and be sure to get booked on.


The hatchery will soon be closed as it gets too cold for little chicks and milking demos have finished for the year but everything else is as normal. We are hoping to start doing some work with Sensation, our 2 year old shire horse. She is definitely ready to get used to the feeling of having tack on her body and a bit in her mouth and eventually some weight on her back. She is such a confident young lady that we’re sure she will take it all in her stride! We are also working hard to educate our three donkeys a bit more. We’d love to get them used to pulling a little donkey cart or going out for walks on their own. It’s really good to give them that mental stimulation and a visit from Olwen Brown of the Donkey Sanctuary has really inspired us to do more with ours.

Donkeys, Shire horse and autumn events at the Farm

So although we are winding down from a fun-packed timetable of summer activities, there is always something to keep us busy here on The Farm. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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Adopted Animal Updates

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