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Meet the Animals and Rare Breeds

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A Rare Breeds Farm

In January 2007, Home Farm was awarded Rare Breeds Accreditation by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) - the leading conservation charity working to restore Britain’s native livestock breeds. It is one of only 17 farm parks in the UK to have received the award which recognises their commitment to the conservation, breeding and promotion of rare or endangered breeds of farm animals.

The farm had to meet various criteria, involving not only the livestock, but the standards of the premises, the knowledge of the staff and detailed examination of pedigree records, movement information and health requirements.

It now has to sustain two viable breeding units as part of its commitment to Rare Breeds and has chosen to concentrate on Tamworth pigs and Red Poll cattle. 

The six breeding cows in the Red Poll breed will help to sustain what is considered one of the original native dual purpose breeds due to its dairy and beef qualities.

In  2007 the Farm welcomed a flock of Leicester Longwool sheep. This is a very attractive breed which was developed during the late 18th century.  In 2013 we introduced a very rare breed on the RBST watchlist known as the White Faced Woodland. We are working on raising their profile and are committed to increasing their numbers year upon year.

Meet the Animals


Our pig herd comprises of five rare breeds that are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) watch list: the Tamworth, Middle White, Berkshire, Saddleback and Large Black. Each individual has their own unique personality making them all great characters. You may even be lucky enough to see a newborn litter when you visit!!’


We have three heavy horses here at the farm, 1 Clydesdales and 2 Shires. Our brood mare, 17 year old Blossom, is the oldest and the mother of the other two. She has such lovely foals that we couldn’t part with all of them! 9 year old Tabitha is our most versatile horse, she is a great ride, is broken to pull and has also been a mummy. His brother, 7 year old Friar has big boots to fill. He is a ridden and driven horse and is extremely handsome!


We have 2 lovely donkeys here at the farm.  Huw is in his adolescence and can be a typical teenager. He is constantly trying to get the upperhand! Fortunately Aunty Frosty keeps him in check. She is 6 years old and doesn’t take any messing. We would love Frosty to have a foal of her own in the future.


These are a real favourite with the visitors due to their cheeky personalities! Often referred to as the missing link between farm animals and pets, Binti and Lily and the rest of their four legged friends enjoy the attention of the visitors. We also acquired four Angora goats in 2009, three does and one buck. We also aquired 2 Golden Guernsey goats Charlotte and Emily and are hoping to breed from them.


We have expanded our Red Poll herd now to incorporate our very own traditional native Dairy herd with a view to carrying out milking demonstrations in Summer. This includes a Jersey, Guernsey and Ayrshire cow. They are all of a fabulous nature and we do hope you will have a chance to see one of them being milked after they have calved. All our cows are due to calve in May and June this year, see the milking demonstrations in the Shippon.


Our flock of 50 ewes lamb once a year in April which is one of our farming calendar highlights. It is certainly hard to beat the sight of a lamb full of the joys of Spring leaping and racing in the sunshine! Come and learn more about our sheep during our lambing week which takes place in April each year. 

Do not miss out on our very own sheep racing which takes place each summer during the school holidays activities at the farm. Visit our events calendar to find out more.