Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Tatton Park Learning Hub - Farm Facts

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Farm facts

Use the worksheets below to extend your knowledge about Farm animals. Enjoy puzzles, creative work, science experiments and more! Why not collect all your work in scrapbook, or special notebook?


Lambing season is one of the most exciting times of the year at the Farm. Learn more about sheep and lambs by completing the fun activity sheet below. 

Facts about Sheep activity sheet (PDF, 355 KB)



Test your pig knowledge with a true or false activity and learn more about them through other fun exercises below. 

Facts about Pigs activity Sheet (PDF, 265 KB)


How much do yo know about chickens? Continue your learning here with some fun activities to try. 

Facts about Chickens activity sheet (PDF, 276 KB) 


Learn how many stomachs cows have and more in the fun activities below.

Facts about Cows activitiy sheet (PDF, 285 KB) 


Learn more about the horses at Tatton Park through the fun activity sheet below.

Facts about Horses activity sheet (PDF, 390 KB)

Additional activities 

If you have enjoyed learning about the Farm, explore some more 'Boredom Busting activities' related to our Field to Fork story

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