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UK Bungee Club – 300ft Jump

01 - 02 April 2023
Tatton Image Description Bungee

Need something with a bit of extra height?

Well a 300ft Bungee jump will provide just that, the highest bungee jump in the UK that happens on a regular basis. Whether you’ve bungeed before and want a bigger kick, or you just want to challenge yourself to do something completely wild, this experience is for you.

The 300ft bungee jump is a special event and happens on selective dates throughout the year and is the highest regular jump you will find anywhere in the UK.

Tatton Park is a fantastic location, with the jump itself taking place over the vast picturesque mere. As you reach the dizzying height you will have a few seconds to appreciate the huge 1,000 acres of deer park and the stunning scenery before you take the giant leap of the 300ft platform! 


10am – 6pm


From £120 pp


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