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Creative writing - 'Fighting With Conflict And Tension'

08 September 2022
creative writing 700 x 500

Join us for this exciting creative writing workshop with former Cheshire Poet Laureate, published author, playwright and experienced workshop facilitator, Joy Winkler. Of this workshop, Joy says:

“A good read contains many problems, disputes, struggles to be resolved and overcome. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But how do we achieve this? In this workshop, we will explore how to set up conflict and how not to resolve it too easily, but to keep the tension taut and keep the reader turning the page.”

This event includes a full day workshop with Joy Winkler, morning and afternoon refreshments and entry into the parkland on the day of the event. 


10:30am - 4pm in the Tenant's Hall Foyer


£25 per person, includes creative writing workshop, tea & coffee and entry to the parkland on the day of the event

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