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Oil Painting for beginners

22 June 2022
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A tutored oil painting workshop for beginners with talented local artist, David Barber. This workshop will cover everything you need to know to create your own oil paintings and is aimed at people who are just beginning to use the medium. The four hour session will cover an explanation of paints, solvents and mediums used, painting surfaces and their preparation as well as a demonstration of the process that you would go through when creating a painting.

Following the introduction, guests will then have the opportunity to create their own painting with the support of the tutor, who will guide them with a step by step demonstration of each stage of the process. The demonstration will include an explanation of colour mixing, paint application, brush technique and more. The tutor will supply prepared panels, solvents and medium (although if you do have these already please bring them along), but participants will need to bring a basic selection of oil paints including a minimum of black, white and the primary colours and a variety of paint brushes (spares will be available, however any that you have already will be useful).

Park entry on the day of the event is included within the ticket price.


10:30am - 2.30pm


£35 per person

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