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Creative writing - 'Dancing With The Leaves'

08 June 2022
creative writing 700 x 500

Join us for this exciting creative writing workshop with former Cheshire Poet Laureate, published author, playwright and experienced workshop facilitator, Joy Winkler. Of this workshop, Joy says:

“I was once told that when making tea, I should pour water onto the leaves and watch them dance. Tea was to be served with love. In this workshop, we will take tea as a theme looking at the comfort in a cuppa as well as the ceremony of it, the memories it engenders and even the portent when reading our future in the dregs.”

This event includes a full day workshop with Joy Winkler, morning and afternoon refreshments and entry into the parkland on the day of the event. 


10:30am - 4pm in the Tenant's Hall Foyer


£25 per person, includes creative writing workshop, tea & coffee and entry to the parkland on the day of the event

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