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Creative Writing Workshop: 'Evil, Power and Vanity'

10 March 2020
creative Writing workshop

A special opportunity to gain creative writing inspiration and guidance from successful playwright and former Cheshire poet laureate, Joy Winkler. Of this workshop, Joy said: “A closer look at villainy. A difficult theme as we are all such pleasant and law-abiding citizens. In this workshop we will look at ways to set aside our own individuality and get inside the head of ne’er do wells, scoundrels and troublemakers – all in the interest of a cracking good yarn."

Intended for adult visitors. This event must be pre-booked and includes park entry admission on the day of the workshop.  


10:30am - 4pm


£18pp (price includes parkland vehicle entry) 


To book the workshop, visit Eventbrite or call 01625 374428