Spotted deer during winter in Tatton Park

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Sharp Shots Teen Nature and Wildlife Photography Course

21 February 2020
Sharp Shots photo course deer 700x500

This course will focus on capturing the nature and wildlife of Tatton. We’ll spend the afternoon walking and photographing the nature and wildlife at Tatton park. Our students will learn how to use shutter speed and the burst setting to capture the ducks and deer in action and how to use aperture and the macro setting to capture the textures of the trees and budding plants.  We’ll look at famous photographers images together, discussing composition and how we can apply the same ideas in our own photographs. We’ll also look to capture the sweeping views of the lake, learning about how to compose a great landscape shot. Our students will finish the afternoon with a great set of images, and a print of their favourite shot too!.. The majority of the lesson will be spent outdoors using our new knowledge to take stunning colourful summer photographs. 

Ages 12 - 15


14:00 - 16:30


£45 per child (park entry included)


For more information and to book, visit Sharp Shots Photo Club.