Art at Tatton Park

art at tatton 2015 collage

Tatton Park is fast becoming recognised as a leading contemporary arts destination in the North West. Its history and landscape provide the perfect setting and inspiration for numerous art forms and a rewarding programme of events.

Art at Tatton Park aims to encourage and enable visitors to engage with the estate’s rich environment and cultural heritage through a variety of art forms whilst at the same time inspiring and celebrating talent and success.

Opportunities are created to partake and learn or to simply engage the senses. Get further information about taking part in watercolour classes and other creative crafts.

Exhibitions: Future & Present


Cristina Rodrigues 'Guardian Angels' 21st May - 4th October

Manchester School of Art  'Inspired by Tatton'  22nd April - 17th May

Cheshire Hunt Now back on display in the Mansion



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